Best Practices

There are several best practices that we would suggest to developers to make the best out of Tetrium. They are all listed in the following list:

Manage all wallet addresses and wallet keys at client-side

We recommend developers to keep and manage all wallet addresses and wallet keys of their users at the client-side of their application. These two information are used to authorize transactions in Tetrium and hence they shall be kept secretly by the respective wallet owners themselves.

Safeguard your API Token

An API Token is used to track a developer's API call usage. Any calls with headers attaching your API Token will be chargeable to your developer account. Hence, keep it private so that you won't be charged for anything other than your actual usage volume.

Renew API Token on a regular basis

It would be a good practice for developers to renew the API Token on a regular basis to avoid potential abuse in case of it being compromised. To make sure your application will still work after a renew, you may enforce a "force-update" feature on your application so that you can force your users to update the application to a new version with the new API Token.

Ensure privacy protection is adequate

Developers are advised to enforce the most strict manner with regards to privacy protection of the developers' users. Please make sure that proper privacy protection laws are followed with regards to your territory of operation. Tetrium shall not be held liable for any offence of such due to the negligence of any developers.

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