List of Common Error Messages

Listed below is a list of the common error messages that you might encounter when working with Tetrium API (in alphabetical order):

Error Messages Description
"allowance not enough" amountToTransfer or amountToBurn provided was higher than the allowance approved by the principal.
"balance not enough" amountToTransfer or amountToBurn was more than the wallet balance of the sender's; or of the principal's (for proxy-transfers or proxy-burns).
"currency not found" The currency used do not exist in Tetrium. Please use a currency created using Tetrium's API.
"currency not exist in wallet" The currency does not exist in the wallet. The wallet might not be a member of the currency.
"incorrect wallet-key" The wallet-key failed to unlock the wallet. Please make sure the wallet-key and the wallet-address used are from the same wallet.
"invalid api-token" api-token provided was not valid. It might also be due to an inactive developer account.
"invalid currencyAddress" currencyAddress provided was not in the correct format.
"invalid wallet-address" wallet-address provided was not in the correct format.
"invalid wallet-key" wallet-key provided was not in the correct format.
"missing api-token" api-token was not provided in the API call header.
"missing wallet-address" wallet-address was not provided in the API call header.
"missing wallet-key" wallet-key was not provided in the API call header.
"request failed" The API call request failed to be executed. Make sure the parameters sent in are valid and please try again. You may also contact Tetrium Support for more information by providing the error code.
"wallet-address not a currency member" wallet-address is not a currency member and hence is not allowed to execute any API calls related to that currency.
"wallet not authorised to execute" The wallet used does not have the rights to make the API call. For example, certain API calls in Tetrium are only reserved for the currency administrator.
"wallet not found" The wallet(s) used for the API call do not exist in Tetrium; or was(were) not created under the developer account making this API call. Wallets have to be created using Tetrium's "create-wallet" API, and a developer can only access wallets created under his/her account and not others.
"wallet not ready" wallet-address used is being initiated by Tetrium. This process might take up to one minute to complete. Please be patient and try again.

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