How Tetrium works

This document will introduce to you the concepts of how Tetrium works.


Every API call (except GET calls) requires a valid wallet for its execution. Hence, the first step to start using Tetrium for your application would be to create a wallet through the create new wallet API.


Currencies are the digital tokens that you can create on Tetrium. Once you have a valid wallet created, you can use it to create a new currency through the create new currency API.

As the creator of this currency, you are automatically assigned as the currency administrator, who can change any of the settings of this currency at any time, including to even transfer your administrator rights to another valid wallet.

Currency tokens

After creating a currency, you can then start minting (producing) the tokens. You can do so through the mint currency tokens API.

Currency members

To transfer the created tokens to any valid wallets, the destination wallet has to be a member of the currency. This is to enable you to control the distributon of your currency tokens to only those you approve. You can add any members to your currency through the add currency member API or remove any members from your currency through the remove currency member API.


With tokens minted and destination wallet being added as a currency member, you can now start transferring your tokens to that wallet through the transfer currency tokens API.

Transaction Status

Every API call on Tetrium that returns a transactionHash requires a check of it's sealing status before the transaction can be concluded as finalised. Sealing is a blockchain process that makes every transaction immutable after being sealed.

You may check the sealing status of a transaction through the check-transaction-status API.

Note: This check is especially important for the create-currency API as it is only through the check that you will retrieve the currency address of a created currency. This currency address will then be required for any other currency-related API calls.

Additional learning

Above are the basics sufficient for you to start building applications with Tetrium. However, there are more powerful features that can enable you to do more and you can learn them through going through this API documentation and experimenting yourself, going through our blogs, joining our discussion forum or getting in touch with our tech guys.

Let's get it started!

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