What is Tetrium?

Tetrium is an innovative cloud platform that enables you to easily create and integrate digital tokens into your own applications. Tetrium is powered by the Ethereum blockchain technology which makes your digital tokens extremely safe and secure with high integrity.

With just simple RESTful API calls, you can easily create your own token economy where your members can store and transfer your digital tokens with absolute certainty. Your application may be a straightforward digital payment app for your customers, or a loyalty point app that needs to securely store, transfer, and track users' point balances. The possibility is simply limitless!

A private blockchain on the cloud

Tetrium is designed to be a private blockchain on the cloud. Unlike a public blockchain, Tetrium does not broadcast any information outside of its own network. Hence, every single information you have in Tetrium will be completely safe.

Tetrium is run by a group of cloud servers distributed in different regions around the world. These servers sync with each other to make sure all data in Tetrium is always accurate and not-tampered. This is the power of the blockchain technology. And with Tetrium, you don't even need to have any prior understanding of Blockchain to get started. All interactions between you and Tetrium happens over very simple RESTful API calls.

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